The benefits and science behind our Liposomal Glutathione

Antioxidant and Detoxifier

Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant that functions to:

Neutralize/remove toxins

Glutathione binds with pollutants and toxins that can then be excreted through urine or bile.

Protect cells against free radicals, viruses, bacteria

Studies suggest low levels of glutathione lead to the proliferation of free radicals which can lead to deterioration and disease.

Enhance immune function

For immune cells to be healthy and active they need glutathione

Why Liposomal Glutathione


There have been 11 studies, including 3 clinical ones, documenting absorption and function.  This makes our Liposomal Glutathione the most researched and reliable on the market.

For years it has been believed that all oral glutathione is destroyed in the digestive system. Our patented Liposomal Glutathione is not only absorbed into the blood, but into cells as well.


Our liposomal glutathione provides the whole molecule of glutathione in a form that is absorbed as a liquid. We place the powerful antioxidant glutathione in tiny nanosize spheres called liposomes to facilitate absorption into the body.


Our Liposomal Glutathione technology is patented, which means no other company can claim their  product is as effective,  or that our research applies to their product. Our studies show that the glutathione is encased in our liposomes, not merely mixed together in a slurry. This allows for the best absorption and means no one else should claim the same efficacy.


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