Glutathione Supplementation Improves Macrophage Functions in HIV.

Published: February, 2013 in the Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research

Liposomal glutathione was 1,000 times more efficient (5 mμM) than NAC in replenishing GSH to GSH-depleted cells and in supporting bacterial killing in HIV+ macrophages. Liposomal glutathione bypasses the block in glutathione production to support glutathione. The block is due to loss of the enzymes needed to produce GSH.

These changes correlated with changes in free radicals as well as rGSH levels. Our results indicate that HIV infection leads to increased production of free radicals and decreased production of GCLC resulting in depletion of rGSH and this may lead, in part, to the loss of innate immune function observed in HIV patients. These findings represent a novel mechanism for control of M. tuberculosis infection, and a possible supplement to current HIV treatments.

PMID: 23409922