Liposomal Glutathione

Absorption and Immune Support in HIV

PMID: 26133750 

The clinical study shows ReadiSorb® increases immune cell glutathione and function. A randomized controlled double-blind study was done at a university clinic with individuals who have low glutathione related to HIV.

After taking either glutathione or placebo for 3 months the patients who started with low glutathione had great results using Readisorb® at 1 1/2 teaspoons twice a day. The plasma glutathione increased dramatically.

The study also showed that low glutathione is associated with a decrease in defensive function of immune cells. Oral ReadiSorb® glutathione support of glutathione restores TH1 cell function and supports immune cell function related to fighting infection.

ReadiSorb® supports immune cell defense, as evidenced by a significantly improved intracellular defense against infection in the immune cells of individuals who ingested ReadiSorb® Glutathione.

Tuberculosis bacteria were introduced into the participant's immune cells in the lab at the end of the study. The growth of TB was significantly reduced in the cells after ingesting oral ReadiSorb® Glutathione. Those using the placebo had continued growth of M. tb.

ReadiSorb® Glutathione support of Th1 lymphocytes is critical in the cellular immune response and plays an important role in host immune defense against microbial agents and viruses.

1. Ly J, Lagman M, Saing T, Singh MK, Tudela EV, Morris D, et al. Liposomal Glutathione Supplementation Restores TH1 Cytokine Response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in HIV-Infected Individuals. J Interferon Cytokine Res. 2015;35(11):875-87. PMCID: 4642835.